Thursday, May 19, 2011

embrace the wedding planning

and so the planning begins.

last night, bryce and i began working on the guest list.
oooooo boy.
and by bryce and i,
i really mean,
bryce diligently typed everyone names into the spreadsheet,
while i facebook creeped and read through wedding magazines.
[i'm such a slacker, don't worry, i'm fully aware.]

my dad's only request:
(for now...)
please no Francks,
and no planners who are opposed to live animals

simple is just not in our dna.
boring and tame are two words absent from an akerly's vocabulary.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

our story

for eight years, our ritual consisted of frozen yogurt,
bryce’s concoction of choice: 
strawberry and chocolate, topped with butterfingers, 
and if he’s feeling crazy, a few gummy bears thrown in
my concoction of choice:
red velvet cupcake and vanilla, 
topped with mini chocolate chips and 2 circus animal cookies,
and a walk through andy brown park.

on this beautiful thursday afternoon,
bryce and I made our usual stop at Cherry on Top,
filled up our yogurt cups,
and headed to Andy Brown Park.
we started off at the softball fields, took a left after the basketball courts,
talked to the baby ducks, saw a swimming snake,
and made our way to the bench at the top of the hill behind the volleyball courts.

bryce and I have spent many an afternoon sitting on that bench,
laughing, arguing (I mean, having discussions…), talking about life, and enjoying each other’s friendship.

that bench has seen it all:
the good, the not to great,
and the start of our forever.

when bryce grabbed me for one of his famous bear hugs,
and began talking about all of the wonderful memories we’ve had over the past 8 years,
and how much he loved me,
and how much he wanted me to be the one he spent his life with,
i lost it.
and after quite a few reassurances that it wasn’t a joke, 
and the it was really happening, that it was really for real,
i said yes to becoming the future mrs. bryce chastain.

bryce even planned for our families to meet for a celebration dinner at anamias,
this boy must really love me.
good thing I really love him.
[even more than guacamole.]

Friday, May 13, 2011

holy guacamole! :)

have you ever had a moment you couldn't wrap your mind around? 
a moment so exciting,
so super fantastic and fabulous,
that no matter how hard you pinched yourself,
you couldn't believe it was actually for real??

look out world.
we're gettin hitched!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

my new obsession

over the past few weeks,
i've become obsessed with a beautiful green creation.
the one. the only...

saturday evening, 
my family was grilling out so i decided to get a little crazy,
and make my own guac.
[and by my own, i mean two avocados and a mix.]

if you're looking for an avocado smasher,
look no further than your faithful potato masher.
works like a charm! :)

if you're looking for the cutest puppy in the world,
he's right here.