Wednesday, January 18, 2012

woohoo wednesday! :) 1.18.12

as i've been reading through my chronological bible, i've become more and more aware of how great of a love story the word of God truly is.  each event happened in the perfect order it was meant to, each person was born at the exact time they were supposed to be on the earth.  i know they are the same stories, but something about reading them in the order the events were lived is just making them more real. 

i'm lovin it! 

the word of God is alive and active and captivating.
God's love is so big, and his stories are so great.

and P.S. 
i'm having a little Kari Jobe concert in my apartment right now,
so i thought i'd share my new KJ favorite:
[get ready to get your praise on!]

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

woohoo for wednesday! :)

so this week has been a little crazy and lot hectic at work,
and there might have been a few times that i've spun around in my chair in frustration,
but then, just when i was starting to feel a little lot whiney, 
i would remember something awesome:

this weekend, 
i get to visit my bestie-for-life in nashville! 

it's her birthday,
it's gonna be crazy and wild and super fly.
there might even be some zumba thrown in,
and definitely cupcakes.

i've been super excited about this for such a long time,
and i can't believe it's almost here!
[don't make fun but I might have already started packing....3 days ago.]

don't you just love when the Lord give you a little bit of happy,
and a little bit of a kick in the pants when you start feeling sorry for yourself?
he is so good, and his timing and his kindness is splendid. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

time flies when you're in love

earlier this evening, i was reading the story of jacob and rachel.
such a beautiful love story,
and a perfect illustration of patience, trust, and love. 

"so Jacob worked seven years to pay for Rachel. 
But his love for her was so strong 
that it seemed to him but a few days."
genesis 29:20

4 months seems so far away,
but then again, so did 5 months, and 10 months, and 12 months.

if Jacob could wait and work for 14 years to be with the love of his life, 
i think i can survive another 4 months.

: )

Monday, January 9, 2012

a new year

this year is going to be a fabulous one.
it's going to be a year full of firsts,
and a year full of fun and new experiences.
: ) 

i already have a new favorite food:
bing cherries. 
o snap,,,,,
i used to make fun of my dad for downing cherries like they were candy...
and now i've fallen for trap.
the heavenly, yummy, healthy in moderation, trap.
[and i may or may not be eating them as i type...]

i can't believe how time has flown by,
i can't believe how much things have changed.
i can't believe how much i have changed. 
i mean a new favorite fruit: i'm a whole new lady. : )

this year is gonna be off the hook.
i'm so excited to see what what the good Lord 
has in store for me this year.