Tuesday, March 31, 2015

DIY Fluffy Bunny Tail // Our Little Family DIY

today, i'm excited to share another easter tutorial.  these fluffy bunny tails are perfect last minute additions to easter baskets, bunny costumes, or maybe even your easter brunch table setting! 

and did i mention they cost less than $1 to make. #winnerwinner

first, cut a rectangular piece of felt, about 1/2 inch x 1 inch for each pom.  place the piece of felt between the prongs of the alligator clip.  i used hot glue to attach the clip to the pom, mostly because it dries quickly and i'm impatient, but if you prefer a different type of adhesive, i'm sure that would work just fine!

the hardest part of this little project is getting the felt to stick on the fluffy pom.  once you get it on there, you might need to reinforce it near the top and bottom, but it just depends on how floppy your pom is. 

i plan on attaching this to the back of eg's baby jorts. there are also plans for bunny ears. if pinning fluffy bunny tails on my baby girl is wrong, i don't want to be right. 

don't forget to tag #ourlittlefamilydiy in the photos of your cute little bunnies! 
p.s. let's be instagram buddies! :) @sarahgracechastain

bucket and eggs // the dollar tree
craft supplies // hobby lobby

Monday, March 30, 2015

sunshine and storytime

spring has arrived, and we are taking advantage of every second of tolerable temperatures we can before they disappear into summer. last week, we took a trip to klyde warren park downtown for story time!

the librarian that runs the baby story time is perfect at her job.  when you see her, you know that you're in the right place.  she's so engaging and the babies love her, and by her, i mean all the rattles and fun goodies that make noise and fit perfectly in their mouths.  oh, and she brought bubbles.  best day ever!

after story time, we were able to snag pops away for lunch at savor! #anyexcuseforyummylunch

i think babies should make more appearances downtown.  EG was a hit.  i'm not sure if it was her bright pink romper, her bunny bow, or simply the fact that she's the cutest baby girl there ever was, but she was bringing a lot of smiles to the stressed and overworked professionals during their lunch meetings.  #you'rewelcome  #smilesarefree

bunny bow tutorial // our little family diy
bright pink romper // carters
pink stone necklace // bohemian market

Friday, March 27, 2015

nursing in style // spring time and mama-jorts

it's spring here in texas, which means, it's 80 degrees.  the first few weeks of warm weather is always a little awkward for me.  going from layers and sweaters and leggings and boots to shorts and sandals overnight is the best way to realize you're lacking in the vitamin D department.  time for backyard playdates asap. 

this weekend, we are hoping to spend time outside, hopefully the weather will stay sunny and we can get some time in on the bucket swings.  or maybe snow cones. or hopefully both. 

i'm a big fan of these 4 inch inseam shorts from j-crew factory.  they are the perfect length for my little midget legs, but i don't think they look like mom-jorts...and if they do, please don't tell me.

why this works //  this cream shirt is really loose fitting and has stretch to it, which makes it comfortable and really easy to move in.  i layered it with a nursing tank (gilligan & o'malley always wins), comfy shorts and fun sandals.  layers are key to helping make your "normal" clothes function as nursing friendly ones.  oh, and did you know bangles also double as teethers? #prettyandpractical-ish.

so mamas, what are you spring favorites?

bangles and tank // target
shirt, jorts // jcrew factory
shoes // dsw

Thursday, March 26, 2015

nursing in style // caramel and denim

my mom calls me the cardigan queen. cool right? #youknowyouwanttobemyfriend

recently, i've been trying to break out of cardigan comfort zone and branch out...to longer sweaters. i know. look out world.

i found this caramel colored open faced sweater at target.  it's super cozy and neutral which means it can be worn with practically anything. i layered it with a tank here, but it would also look great with button down, or even a t-shirts or v-neck. 

as far as tanks go, i'm obsessed with the gilligan & o'malley nursing tanks. 5 days post-partem, my mother-in-law asked if i needed anything from target, and i said, "yes! a few more nursing tanks please!" because i had a baby with acid reflux and laundry wasn't exactly at the top of my priority list.  the gilligan & o'malley nursing tanks are my favorite because they look normal, they fit well, and they, let's be real...they wash well. :)   

also, let's be honest, i'm barely out of my maternity jeans.  after wearing stretchy yoga-maternity-jeans for 7 months, it's pretty ridiculous to expect anyone to squeeze into anything that buttons.

jewelry is always hit or miss.  luckily EG usually ignores my kendra's, so i'll always make the attempt.

why this works // nursing tanks are always a winning choice, but i think the sweater and fun shoes make it look like any other cami.  i think shoes are the best way to add something fun to your outfit, and the baby can't take that away from you! :)

sweater, shoes and tank // target
earrings // kendra scott
jeans // jcrew factory

so mamas, what do you think?

Monday, March 23, 2015

a bunny for my babe // felt headband diy

here it goes,,,,an attempt at a little easter bunny headband tutorial. :)

all for about a $1. can't beat that!

all you need for this little diddy is felt, glue, scissors and an alligator clip!

recently, i've been having a little too much fun with felt.  but is there such a thing? i haven't splurged on the good stuff yet...i stick with the 4/$1 sheets at hobby lobby.  i used white, navy and bright pink. and i'm not sure if hot glue is the best adhesive for this type of project, but it's what i have, and it gets the job done, so winner! :)

all you have to do is cut, glue and then glue some more.  easy right?

click here to download your template and the instructions!

oh, if you're not into DIYs but still want to snag your little one some easter headgear, check out one of these super adorable etsy shops!

gloria miller's creations
la la pop shop
homemade trends

don't forget to tag #ourlittlefamilydiy in the photos of your cute little bunnies!

Friday, March 20, 2015

spring break fakin'

spring is in the air y'all, and by spring, i mean summer. because let's be real. spring doesn't exist in dfw. well that's a little bit of a lie. it exists for 27 minutes. 

EG and i had a lot of fun parading around town during spring break.  i mean, our lives are pretty busy, so we needed to get away from the daily grind.  #gimmiethebbq

we took a trip to the farmers market, ate a ginormous sandwich at pecan lodge, threw a fun gender reveal party for our bestie, played in the backyard, and ordered chocolate chip pancakes at the local diner.   #allonatuesday 
we also hit some pretty major milestones this week. EG posed for her first passport photo #cheeseplease and fed herself puffs.  she's gotten pretty good at swatting them off the highchair, but now we've moved on to bigger and better things. aka: stuffing her whole fist in her mouth, sometimes resulting in puff-eating success.  raider is pretty bummed about it. he's not blinded by her sweet baby girl grin. #gimmiethepuffs
we also got to hang out with uncle grayson this week!

yay for spring break. it's pretty much awesome all around. even if you're fakin' it.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

nursing in style // casual chambray and black

time for some honesty.

throughout my pregnancy, the "will you won't you breastfeed" question was kinda overwhelming to me.  and this is pretty selfish, but after 7ish month of maternity clothes and stretchy striped everything, thought of not being able to wear anything cute or feel like myself for another extended period of time wasn't exactly encouraging.  i remember sitting on the couch, browsing the fantastic selection of nursing tanks and wrap shirts and thinking about how adorable my sweet friends were were going to be in their cute summer outfits. ehhhh no thank you. but baby trumps fashion and selfishness.  

eight months in, i wouldn't necessarily consider myself an expert, but i do feel like i've gained a bit of confidence and am learning to branch out a little.   i've enjoyed getting to wear and shop for normal clothes again, even if i have to think things through a little bit differently.  and let's be real, feeling cute makes a big impact when trying to fend off the baby blues. gotta love those post-partem hormones. 

and thus, nursing in style was born. :)  this is my attempt to encourage nursing newbies through the tough times and help build a little of that confidence.  nursing is hard enough as it is...there's no need to feel frumpy on top of that! 

this outfit is fun because it's super simple, and easy to change up with different sandals or jewelry.  EG finds this neckless pretty entertaining, so that's good and bad...sometimes it ends up in my purse. 

and these shorts...so comfy.  i'm going to get all the colors. and even better, they seem like they'd be maternity friendly!

why this works // button downs are a staple for nursing mamas and stretchy shorts are forgiving when you're learning how to dress the new you. this pair is also flowy which looks great when you're standing, or sitting on the floor with your babe. :)

shorts // target
shirt // j-crew factory
shoes // carlos via dsw
necklace // target, similar 

so mamas...what do you think?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

emma grace // eight month update

dear sweet baby girl,

you're getting sillier by the day.  i don't know where you get all your smiles, but they are the most pure form of joy.  i'm so in love with your sweet hugs and kisses. you're such a little snuggle bug and i hope that never changes.

you're trying new foods...so far we love sweet potatoes, bananas, potatoes, blueberries, and you love your puffs! i think you'll be ready for fro-yo any day now!

this month, you took your first trip sitting up in the shopping cart and loved every minute.  you're little miss independent and love looking around and reaching for everything. your favorite grocery store toy is the bag of chocolate chips...someday i promise i'll let you try the real thing!

i think crawling is right around the corner, but let's be real, you're really ready to start running!  we've created a little machine in that walker, and i think it's going to be impossible to keep you down for long!  you're moving from room to room like a pro, following us around and showing off your skills.

my heart is growing more and more every day for you little one. i love you more than you'll ever know. 

your mama