Wednesday, April 22, 2015

polka dotted peplum // nursing in style

i'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but i have a strong love for polka dots.  i try to keep my addiction as "mature" as possible. i avoid lime green sometimes and try and pair them with other items that won't embarrass bub-hub, or my children in the future. :)

i have had this shirt for a few years. i actually wore it in my engagement photos. #totesadorbs and now, it's back again.

i have a pretty defined waist, so this style works for me.  i really don't need any extra help in the hip-department, so i like that this peplum lays flat. 

why this works // this is a wrap style shirt, the pattern and peplum make it a little more fun than your standard wrap shirt.  this style makes it really easy to maneuver without having to lift up your entire shirt. and of course, my favorite nursing tanks, always and forever. and the stretchy shorts. winner winner. 

j-crew factory // sheer pink jacquard shorts, polka dot wrap shirt (from a past season)
target // white nursing tank
bohemian market // necklace, similar here

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

tassels and elastic waist bands // nursing in style

introducing: the outfit i'm going to be wearing anytime i need to look put together this summer. 

honestly though, this entire outfit is so comfy, i'd wear it even when i'm staying in.
ehhhhh,,,maybe,,,but yoga pants are pretty unbeatable. 

i know i've said it before, but i can't get enough of these elastic waist band shorts. i love being able to look cute while still getting my fro-yo fix. these shorts are from j-crew factory and come in poppy (dark-red-pink-ish) and black as well.  i'm hoping to add those to my collection. :)

i'm also obsessed with this tassel necklace.  sweet brittany is the most stylish mama i know, and I'm just obsessed with her little shop! it's so light weight, i can wear it all day and forget it's there.  it's also a built in entertainment piece.  #winnerwinner who ever thought that would be on my list of jewelry criteria?

oh, and fabulous sandals are a must. these vintage beauties were inherited from my sweet nana.  i'm incredibly thankful to have had a nana with fabulous taste.  that inheritance may or may not have also included a large collection of colorful keds.  #tswifthasnothingonnana

why this works // these shorts provide a flattering tailored fit while still being comfortable.  they also allow for "wiggle-room", which is perfect for mamas who are feeling a little less-than-confident with their new post-baby-bodies.

(un)fortunately, i wore out and stretched out my sandals last summer when i was pregs, so this year, i'm on the hunt for a few new pairs. any suggestions for must haves?

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p.s.s: do you have an outfit idea?  email me at sarahgracechastain[at]

logs & lace // white and gray tassel necklace 
j-crew factory // chambray button down, sheer pink jacquard shorts 
target // white nursing tank
michael kors // vintage, leather sandals 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

emma grace // a nine month update

dear sweet baby girl,

oh how i wish i could freeze time.  each and every day is so much more fun than then last.

you give the sweetest and slobberiest kisses.  you're reaching out for your people and trying to climb up mamas legs.  i never knew a little leg hug could melt my heart so fast.

you're loving sweet potatoes, squash, black  beans, bananas and avocados.  you're a big fan of puffs and i can't confirm it, but i'm pretty sure you have a little contest going to see how many you can get in your mouth at one time.  so far, the record sits at 5.

we welcomed our first two teeth! it was a little rough, but you handled it like a champ!

you also discovered that your cute little cough brings attention.  it's pretty hilarious to see you fake cough and then follow up with a giggle.  it's amazing what you can get away with when you're a teeny-tiny-cutie-patootie.

you've discovered your toesies.  when you're laying down, in your carseat, or sitting in your stroller, you're always making a grab for your toes.

you're a little roley-poley.  one morning, the monitor woke me up at 3 am to find you rolling around, grabbing your toes, playing with your toys and having a little party in your crib.  it took all of my self control to let you play on your own and not run into your room to join in on the fun.

you're the sweetest, snuggliest, smiliest baby there ever was. and i'm so glad i get to call you mine.

love always,
your mama

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

lilac is the new black // nursing in style

you might be catching on, but i have a few faithfuls in my closet: cardigans, camisoles, toothpick jeans and kendras.   #winnerwinner

j-crew factory (yes, the outlet!) toothpick jeans are my go to because i have midget legs, and they are the only jeans i can buy at ankle length without having to hem. #honestandlazy  they look great with a shirt, tunics, or dressed up with heels.  when your budget is stretched and your fun-money-funds are a little scarce, it's important to find key pieces that fit well and make you feel fantastic in all scenarios. 

why this works // button downs are an obvious go to for nursing, but the flat front is super slimming and flows well.  these camisoles are lined, which is fantastic for avoiding extra layers in warm weather.  you could also pair with shorts and sandals or tucked into a maxi!

jcrew factory // camisole, jeans (similar), cardigan
target // shoes (from way too long ago)

what do you think mamas?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

easter blessings from our little family

our first easter as a family of three was lovely.  it was simple and sweet. a little break from the chaos of a busy season.  we were able to attend church with our families, laugh, play games, and just enjoy a day together. 

i also discovered my love of smock dresses. #betterlatethannever

oh, and we didn't get a family photo. but let's be honest, these snaps of EG are way better. :) 

incase you were wondering what sunshine looked like in baby form, she is it.  

each and every morning, i wake up thank the Lord for the gift of this beautiful baby girl.  the Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he placed her in our lives.  and oh how glad i am that he knows best. 

i am so thankful for a loving Savior, who came and lived a perfect life, died and rose again to save my sweet family.  in the last year, i've developed a new appreciation and perspective for what sacrificial love really means. in my relationship with bub-hub, with our families, and especially for our baby girl. 

this world is so full of evil and trouble and fear and anxiety, but knowing that we serve a sovereign Lord who protects us and provides for us is more than enough.  he is all the hope we need. 

oh, and my photography assistant, a.k.a. pops, stole few kisses.  perks of the job i suppose.

Christ is Risen. He is Risen indeed.

smock dress // borrowed but similar here
ivory floral crown // little winter shop

Friday, April 3, 2015

our little family easter basket

this is my first easter as a mama, so i made an executive decision that EG needed an easter basket.  i'm fully aware that the likelihood of EG remembering her first easter is incredibly slim, so i'm considering this a practice round. next year, i'll know (theoretically) where to go, when to buy, when to craft, all those critical easter basket insider secrets. 

after spending way too much time on the basket aisle, i landed on this one. simple and sweet.  target had a great selection of every style of easter basket imaginable, but i decided to pass on the bright pink bunny face this year. 

bub-hub is a pretty good sport when it comes to my holiday antics, but i knew he would die if i got him a whole basket on his own, so this year, i decided on a family basket! :) 

here is what i, i mean the easter bunny, was able to cram in the basket:

for the bub-hub
gummy bunnies

for the baby girl
bunny ears
a floppy sunhat
stuffed ducky
fluffy bunny tail
pink bubbles
rubber bunny ducky
lady bug bib

for me
starburst jelly beans. which may or may not have been gone within the hour.
and let's just be honest. the bunny ears and fluffy tail are really for me.

what are you hoping to find in your easter basket??

target // bunny ears, sunhat, stuffed duck, basket, gummy bunnies, goldfish
dollar tree // bubbles, rubber bunny ducky
skip hop // lady bug bib

Thursday, April 2, 2015

playful polka dots // nursing in style

my favorite black shorts are making their second appearance.  

this time, i've paired it with a a fun pleated ruffle tank.  in texas, the weather swings from chilly to smoldering hot in the matter of hours, so when i wear this, i keep a cardigan with me and then toss it in my diaper bag once i start sweating. pardon my pasty-arms everyone.

why this works // this shirt has buttons down the front and is loose fitting. it's comfortable and flattering and like i said before, it can easily be layered with a sweater or worn alone, making it easy to maneuver under your nursing cover.  depending on your preference, you can tuck it in, or leave it out for a more casual feel. 

bangles and shorts // target
sandals // dsw
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