Saturday, September 5, 2015

breakfast for the babe | lone star eggs

breakfast is serious business in this house. especially on saturdays. 

i love breakfast. i love the waffles, bub-hub loves the scrambled eggs.  he loves coming up with different seasoning combinations for them...lately, we're loving the julios! 

scrambled eggs are also a great finger food for us to give to emma grace. relatively un-messy, easy for her to pick up and feed herself, which is prefect for little miss independent!

right now, her favorite foods are black beans & crackers, solid carb choices. knowing that she's starting off her morning with great protein from her scramblies makes my mama-heart happy!  

we love making trips to our local farmers market, but lets be honest, i'm not really ever going to make it there in time to beat the first (on-top-of-it) shoppers who claim the milk & eggs.  luckily, we can still shop local on a more realistic timeline! i just love that i can find lonestar eggs at walmart! they are texas eggs from texas chickens! perfect for my growing texas babe! :)