Thursday, June 7, 2012

the perfect honeymoon, part 2

the one thing we were repeatedly warn us about when telling people we were going to Cabo was to "watch out for the timeshare people!".
surprisingly, we were never asked about a time share, not even once!
maybe because we look young and poor,
or maybe,
(as we like to think)
we look too smart and sly to fall for their sales-trap.

one benefit to looking young and poor was getting a discount for a sunset dinner cruise,
2 for the price of 1,
but only because we were special.

the cruise took us out of the marina, down and around the baja penninsula sur and into the pacific ocean.
at the end of the baja penninsula sur, there is a famous arch,
and just let me tell you,
it was beyond beautiful.

the beautiful arch

 smoochy smooch! :)

 i don't know if you can see him,
but on that rock behind me is a giant sea lion named pancho.
what a life that big guy has, just chillin on a rock, sun-bathing in the pacific ocean.

no sunset cruise would be complete without a beautiful sunset.

the LORD is so big and so beautiful. 

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  1. Too cute! I found you from High Five for Friday! I had to laugh reading this because on our honeymoon we got "special price just for you" the whole time!