Thursday, October 11, 2012

wedding rap up

it's ok to completely humiliate yourself in front of a room of 150 people right??
this weekend was so fantastic and so exhausting.
i had such a blast celebrating the marriage of my sweet friend steph.
the whole day was absolutely beautiful.
and may or may not have humiliated myself during my MOH speech...

i know i brag about bub-hub a lot,
but he really is the best.
he helped me practice and listened to me mess up over and over and over again,
he stood in the back dancing and cheering me on,
and he gave me a half time pep-talk to get through the humiliation.
he is the bomb[dot]com.
at the end of the night, the bride and groom left the reception as husband and wife.
a perfect end to a perfect day.
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  1. AH sarah i loved this! :)
    #1 that you took that classic and made it even more awesome!
    This shows how much you love her! <3 <3 <3
    You looked gorgeous btw!

  2. You did so well, it totally shows how much effort and time you put into the song! plus your hubby was so nice to jump in and encourage you! What a sweetie!!
    Hope to see you around

  3. OH MY GOSH...that is SO hilarious. That MOH speech was so creative girl! Kudos to you for even doing it. I would've died! hahaha

    You looked gorgeous in your dress too. Aren't weddings the best??