Friday, January 18, 2013

hello there friday!

one. raider loves to play. all day, every day. especially at 6 in the morning.
two. it's been so cold this week, that i had to bust out my warmest fur scarf. i've had my eyes out for PETA and buckets of red paint all week. i can't help it. it's the warmest thing i own!
three.  my first attempt at baking stuffed peppers was a complete success! [recipe here]
four.  i found the most lovely, and most glittery card i have ever seen for my besties birthday. #meanttobe
five. chick-fil-a iced tea is the perfect fix for any type of day. 

how was your week?



  1. Your stuffed peppers look SO good! Chick Fil A sweet tea is definitely a cure-all :)

  2. I just reallllly want to give that puppy a squeeze! :) Happy Friday, Sarah Grace!

  3. I am addicted to Chick Fil A sweet tea... Now I want some!!

  4. fur scarf?!? {is it bad that i love that haha}. I have a fur wrap that i wish it was cold enough to wear....i mean hey its pretty.
    LOVE the peppers, good job girl. I've made a recipe before and yummmmmmmmmm

  5. how adorbs is mr. raider?!?! looks like my pups at the crack of dawn! so full of energy and ready to take over the ball-world!

    happy weekend! xo, Bev