Friday, January 23, 2015

our happy place // adventures with eg

ingredients for a perfect day: me with a book and giant chai latte, baby girl with her best buddy george the giraffe, just hanging in the sunshine. 

since day one, sweet baby girl has loved the sunshine. nothing calms her down quite like being outside. it's quite the magic trick. maybe i watched frozen one too many times when i was pregnant. when the sky is awake, this baby girl is awake. then again...she's pretty much always awake.

lucky for us, we've had a bit of a warm winter, and with that comes many happy days. as much as i love cold snuggly sweater weather, i'm thankful for these few 60 degree sunny january days.

hopefully our neighbors don't mind the veggie tale sing along songs playing on the speakers.

gotta get that Jesus music.

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