Friday, March 27, 2015

nursing in style // spring time and mama-jorts

it's spring here in texas, which means, it's 80 degrees.  the first few weeks of warm weather is always a little awkward for me.  going from layers and sweaters and leggings and boots to shorts and sandals overnight is the best way to realize you're lacking in the vitamin D department.  time for backyard playdates asap. 

this weekend, we are hoping to spend time outside, hopefully the weather will stay sunny and we can get some time in on the bucket swings.  or maybe snow cones. or hopefully both. 

i'm a big fan of these 4 inch inseam shorts from j-crew factory.  they are the perfect length for my little midget legs, but i don't think they look like mom-jorts...and if they do, please don't tell me.

why this works //  this cream shirt is really loose fitting and has stretch to it, which makes it comfortable and really easy to move in.  i layered it with a nursing tank (gilligan & o'malley always wins), comfy shorts and fun sandals.  layers are key to helping make your "normal" clothes function as nursing friendly ones.  oh, and did you know bangles also double as teethers? #prettyandpractical-ish.

so mamas, what are you spring favorites?

bangles and tank // target
shirt, jorts // jcrew factory
shoes // dsw

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