Saturday, August 29, 2015

happy birthday emmers! | cake and presents

cake is definitely the highlight of any birthday. at least any birthday i've been a part of!

we chose pink velvet for her baby bundt cakes. 
selfishly, i wanted to try and avoid a giant mess with a bunch of icing [we already messed with that during her smash cake shoot...] but let's be real. it's not a real birthday cake if you don't have icing on top! 

home girl also has quite the love for her crackers.  i would never think twice about having to choose between cake or crackers, but she just couldn't leave her first love behind! :)

emma grace had so much fun opening her gifts!  she loved crawling and climbing on all the bags and pulling the paper out. but she also loved the goodies.  maybe next year will be our "cardboard box" birthday celebration.

from the very beginning, bub-hub and i decided we wanted emma grace's birthday celebration to be a giant thank you party for our friends and family.  we are so beyond blessed with love and support, and i can't even begin to imagine how different our first year as parents would have been without them.

was it a little unncecssary. sure. but it was fun, and we got to share the day with our friends and family, so in my book, that makes it all more than worth it!

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  1. so dang precious! <3 <3 happy happy birthday emma grace!