Monday, January 25, 2016

emma grace: 18 months old

emma grace is 18 months old.

we grew another inch, gain a couple of pounds, and added a few toothies to our smile.
she loves hugs, playing with blocks and duplos, putting things away in baskets.
she eats her weight in black beans every week and still prefers her crackers two at a time.
i've added "sassy" to my list of EG description words. #forthelove 
sweet thing is definitely my child.
most of all, she loves being outside at the park.

she's discovered an intense love for slides that might rival her love for swings. santa brought a little slide to juju's house which has already provided hours of entertainment.
even after dozens of lessons and assists, home girl can't seem to remember to use the second step.  she's got to have the strongest little toddler biceps.

selfishly, i am little obsessed with watching her little legs wiggle as she tries to pull herself up.  wiggly tennies get me every time.

it might be silly, but i think this small, little act is quite indicative of her developing personality.
she is strong and determined. she is full of joy and curiosity. an adventurous spirit.

i'm still in denial that's she's growing up.  i know. i really need to get over it, it's obviously happening.

i never want to forget the way it feels when she pulls on my legs, or the sound of her babbles in the backseat when we're driving, or the way she dramatically eats her black beans one at a time, or the way she runs across the room with a smile as big as Texas to give me a floppy hug.
good grief she is my favorite little human.


  1. Good grief she is adorable!!! Love her to pieces!

  2. oh my goodness - she is getting so big and beautiful! (and man oh man, the sass has started haha!)

  3. And precious little toothies they are! What a sweet post. :)