Monday, January 9, 2012

a new year

this year is going to be a fabulous one.
it's going to be a year full of firsts,
and a year full of fun and new experiences.
: ) 

i already have a new favorite food:
bing cherries. 
o snap,,,,,
i used to make fun of my dad for downing cherries like they were candy...
and now i've fallen for trap.
the heavenly, yummy, healthy in moderation, trap.
[and i may or may not be eating them as i type...]

i can't believe how time has flown by,
i can't believe how much things have changed.
i can't believe how much i have changed. 
i mean a new favorite fruit: i'm a whole new lady. : )

this year is gonna be off the hook.
i'm so excited to see what what the good Lord 
has in store for me this year.

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