Wednesday, January 18, 2012

woohoo wednesday! :) 1.18.12

as i've been reading through my chronological bible, i've become more and more aware of how great of a love story the word of God truly is.  each event happened in the perfect order it was meant to, each person was born at the exact time they were supposed to be on the earth.  i know they are the same stories, but something about reading them in the order the events were lived is just making them more real. 

i'm lovin it! 

the word of God is alive and active and captivating.
God's love is so big, and his stories are so great.

and P.S. 
i'm having a little Kari Jobe concert in my apartment right now,
so i thought i'd share my new KJ favorite:
[get ready to get your praise on!]

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