Friday, July 27, 2012

yay for friday!!!

i am so glad friday is finally here.
this week has been exceptionally terrible or rough, i just love friday.

dear bub-hub,
thanks for helping me decorate for the olympic's opening ceremonies. :) and i'm sorry i'm not sorry in advance for commendeering the tv for the next two weeks.
you're the best!
dear lion king and ladies night,
you were fabulous. just what i needed to push me over the mid-week hump.
my friend alison and i went to see the lion king at the hobby center downtown on wednesday night.
it was pretty much the most fantastic thing i've ever seen.
i was exhausted watching the dancers jump and prance and dance around like animals.
if i had 1/4 of the energy they, that would be fantastic.

dear macaroni and trees,
way to be fabulous. :)
rachel ray would be proud.

you are so fantastic, but so heartbreaking at the same time.
i love my tory burch inspired wrap bracelet.
and everything else you post on auction night.
have you heard of accessory auction??
be carefuly ladies...don't say i didn't warn you. :)

dear pure're kicking my booty and i love it!!
three weeks down, and i can feel the changes.
[if only i could kick my sweet-tooth...]
plus, how adorable are these bathroom signs....

dear opening ceremonies,
you're going to be fabulous. i'm so glad the olympics are finally here!
linking up with friday's letters and high five for friday.

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  1. Im going to have to see if i can stream some of the olympics since we don't have cable! whomp whomp. :)
    Is Pure Barre palates? did i even spell that right? geeze.
    And i'm jealous of you going ot see the lion king that would be AMAZING!

    1. pure barre is kind of like a combination of dance and's so much fun!