Friday, August 3, 2012

it's friday!! :)

today is a fabulous day.
not only is it friday,
but last night, gabby douglass won the gold for the women's all round
soni broke her own world record
and i get to see my family today
bub-hub and i are making the roadtrip up I-45 to the beautiful big-D,
and i am pumped!
we're pretty lucky to be from the same home town.
it makes trips back home twice as nice.

with so much to look forward to this weekend,
i had to find little things to distract me while i waited for the long days to pass.
a few fantastic things happened this week.

1. super encouraging mid-day dove dark chocolate messages.
i usually rip into the chocolate too fast to make out the message,
but i've tried to practice self control and slow it down a bit.
trying to slow down seems to be a running theme in my life...hmm...coincidence??

2. fabulous, booty-busting workouts at pure barre.
i've just finished up my first month and i'm officially hooked.

3. my nectarine suffered a major injury in my lunch box.
poor thing didn't stand a chance being stuffed in a bag with an extra pair of shoes, notebooks and laptop.
what a tough [and super juicy!] little guy. 

4. i've been downing chobani like a champ.
i'm designating myself a chobani gold medalist.
watch out phelps, i'm coming for you.

5. this week, my music selections have been all over the place.
have you ever just put your ipod on shuffle and let it go?
i was way embarassed by what i had on there.
as a side note, 
on wednesday, i hear the usher song "scream" 6 times between driving to pure barre, during pure barre, and driving home from pure barre. 6 times people.
i love the song, 
but really. 
give pit bull a chance.




  1. I always throw my fruit in my work bag too, then pull it out all bruised just like this nectarine. I need to start throwing it in tupperware or something first.

    Have fun visiting your families!

  2. Tell us about Pure Barre and why you like it so much!it sounds interesting, but I have only heard about the name so I really don't know what it is. The Olympics have been great to watch, for the most part our athletes are representing well!

    Enjoy your weekend! Roadtrips back home are one of the best trips to take.

  3. I agree what's Pure Barre? Sounds like a cool name but what kind of work out is it?? I love a good work out and always open to trying something new. I just found your blog through the link up and just became your newest follower :)

    1. Girl, you would love pure barre!! I'll have a post about it this week so keep your eyes out!! :) thanks for stopping by!

  4. HAHAH i love this! My music selection KILLS ME i haven't taken things off of my ipod in so long that sometimes i hit shuffle and cringe while scrambling to skip the song. :)
    Sounds like your week has been full, but your weekend will be exciting! YAY!
    I"m trying to get myself to down greek yogurt like a champ, but i'm struggling. Any suggestions? :)

    1. Have you tried chobani? The ones with the fruit on the bottom are so yummy, and sometimes i add extra fresh fruit to it if I have some in the fridge. My favorites are peach and blueberry!!

  5. that chobani with blueberries looks SO good!

    Happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!