Monday, November 5, 2012

a weekend update :)

this weekend was a fantastic and relaxing one.
we spent saturday watching college football and playing games.
42 anyone?
i'm a pretty ok partner.
at least that's what bub-hub tells me.
sunday, i ran errands and did some damage at target.  
can a girl ever have enough flats??
pretty sure the answer is no.
don't worry, only the bottom two are new purchases. 
i didn't do that much damage. ;)
 i also made a stop at crate and barrel and used a gift card to pick up some fall pieces for our new table!
aren't gift cards are the best??
it makes shopping a little less painful and it's easier to explain why it was necessary to buy a bag full of plastic pomegranates to bub-hub. :)

i also made a fun announcement yesterday:

fun games with friends, shopping, and decorating for fall.
what's not to love?

how was your weekend??


  1. No, one can never have enough flats. My leopard flats kill my feet and I'm on a mission for a replacement pair this week!

  2. a girl can never have too many pairs of flats! Especially cute ones like yours! : )

  3. I have those exact same black ones! I seriously wear them with almost everything. What a fun weekend.

  4. Super excited about Thankful Thursday! :)
    AND loving the fall decor on the table!! So cute, and giftcards DEFINITELY make every purchase so much better!!!

  5. Ohh you just reminded me that I have a C&B gift card too! Cute fall pieces!!

  6. I am the girl who can never have enough heels. I'm a sucker for buying shoes.

  7. Just stopping by from the link up!

    I have those cheetah print flats!

    Sounds like a fun weekend. My man and I played a ton of games this weekend too :)

  8. Those flats from target are my new favorite shoe. They're so comfortable AND versatile!