Friday, January 24, 2014

disney family vacation: animal kingdom

after our day at hollywood studios, the next park to conquer was animal kingdom.

we found the yeti on mount everest, experienced life as a bug underneath the tree of life, and even rescued a dinosaur! animal kingdom also has the most wonderful shows: the lion king and finding nemo.

we also had the chance to try african food for dinner.  disney is a great place to branch out of your comfort zone and try new things.

throughout the day, we found several friends for photo ops! the best moment of the day was when doug (the puppy from up) played charades with bub-hub to tell him he was friends with reveille (the texas a&m mascot)! grantham also taught pooh to "sic 'em bears".

i didn't want to leave.  our day at the animal kingdom was definitely my favorite.

walking log: 8.4 miles
favorite memory: even though the safari was probably my favorite ride, but by far, i loved the scenery the most. walking from region to region was amazing, and i definitely felt like i was being transported to another land.

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