Tuesday, January 21, 2014

disney family vacation: hollywood studios

a few weeks ago, my family flew to orlando for a disney adventure. we had been a time or two in the past, but this was bub-hub's first time to experience mickey-mania.  it was a week full of yummy food, fun adventures and lots and lots of walking. :)

we spent our first day at hollywood studios.  what a great place to start a disney vacation!

one of my favorite parts of park is definitely the pixar section. i love me some toy story and monsters university! i also really love getting to see all of fun behind-the-scenes-movie-magic stuff. who knew you could travel from san francisco to new york city in just a quick walk down the block?

we also explored the "honey i shrunk the kids" playground. hence the reason there is a picture of bub-hub and i holding on to a dog's giant nose.

after a great day of exploring and ride-riding, we ended our day with fantasmic. it's amazing how creative those disney folks can be with lights and water. so beautiful!

even though we started our day with a 6 am drive to the airport, our vacation adrenaline kept us going strong all day!

walking log: 7.2 miles
favorite moment: fantasmic!

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