Thursday, February 6, 2014

grown up gifting: girls night in

i think giving gifts might be one of my favorite things. i love coming up with a unique or special thing for one person. and when my sister-in-law turned 21, i knew just what i wanted to get her.

a grown up "girls-night-in" kit! after i came up with the idea, i began floating walking around target dreaming of what a perfect night in would consist of, and this is what i came up with.

here are the ingredients for a perfect girls night in:

one // a fabulous movie. preferably from 1980 starring molly ringwald or john cusack. i chose pretty in pink. everything's duckie edition. duh. say anything came in close second.
two // box of wine. or a bottle. or a carafe. your choice.
three // chocolate.
four // nail polish! mani are a girls night must.
five // fuzzy socks. the whole point of a girls night in is to wear comfy clothes right? or am i the only lazy one out there?
six // cute straws. for your wine.

what must-haves did i leave out?

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