Monday, February 24, 2014

i'm perfect for this job, oh, and i'm pregnant.

it seems little strange to say it, but i think the hardest part of my pregnancy to date has been telling my new employer about baby.

after a lot of prayer, here's how my "telling the boss" situation went down.

i started my job hunt in january, and began interviewing when i was about 12 weeks pregnant. as i went into the different offices, i tried to put feelers out for any hints of "family-friendly-culture" and get an idea of what the job structure and schedule would really be like. 

after a lot of prayer and reading a lot of articles, i knew i wanted my interviews to be focused on my job skills and my professional capabilities, not my pregnancy. bub-hub and i decided that if i felt the appropriate time came up in my second round of interviews, i would share my news with them. as much as i wanted the job, i wanted to be upfront and honest. thinking ahead to the doctors appointments and other situations i would need flexibility for, i wanted assurance that my workplace would be a supportive environment.

my first round of interviews (for my final position) couldn't have gone better. i met with three different women from three departments. each of them had fantastic personalities and i just knew it would be a great work environment. immediately after i left, i felt a wave of anxiety hit me. i was so nervous to see if they would call me back for a second round.

soon after, i received a call from the recruiter with an offer. uhhhhh say what? nuts. a total gift from the LORD. after talking to the recruiter about a few job details, i decided that i needed to tell her. she told me not to worry at all, that pregnancy is an exciting part of life, and it is not something to cause stress. she encouraged me to give it a few weeks and establish myself within my position and then, once i felt comfortable, reach out to my co-workers.

and that's what i did.

i started my position 16 weeks pregnant and disclosed my pregnancy at 20 weeks. i was blessed with a reasonably small bump, which gave me a little more time than some. the extra few weeks gave me a chance to get to know my co-workers and feel more comfortable sharing my news with them.

i understand that each and every situation is different. not everyone has an understanding work environment. not everyone has strong, working moms in leadership roles within their office. luckily, the LORD provided me with both. although not ideal timing, interviewing while pregnant does happen, and after reading dozens of articles and blogs, i realized that each and every situation is unique. cue the signature pregnancy situation answer...

overall, i think the best piece of advice i read was to make sure the interview remained focus on your job skills. if you're a hard worker, and you have the skills and abilities to do the job well, you can't lose.

what have you had to overcome in the interview process? and interviewing advice tips?

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