Thursday, February 12, 2015

happy valentines from emma grace

i think valentines day is such a fun holiday.  hearts, pink, candy, hugs and kisses....what's not to love? 

i hope my family and friends know how much i love them every day of the year, but how great is it that we have a day specifically dedicated to appreciating our loved ones?

at our last mama/baby craft day, our host mama set up the most adorable baby photo booth. if that's not the cutest thing on the planet i'm not sure what is.  she used wrapping paper on the wall, foam board and chalk pens for the signs, and even made baby sized bunting. 

the babies were photobombing, i mean, helping each other out...providing advice on poses and the most effective way to get the best chewing angle on the sign. gotta help a baby friend out. 

we printed off these pictures and are going to incorporate them into a little valentines gift for the grandparents.  babies and grandbabies make gifting so easy. :)

this sweet little love bug of mine is the best valentine i could have ever asked for.