Tuesday, February 24, 2015

an impulsive coat of paint

a few months back, we found a great kitchen table and chairs at a local garage sale for $35. it wasn't in terrible shape, but i remember selling it to bub-hub as a quick fixer-upper...oops. it only took me five months to get to the fixing part.

on saturday, i was at ace hardware getting a battery and a key chain when i saw the amy howard one step paint display...one step...how do you beat that?  i had been debating the best way to paint the table, and by best, i mean easiest.  after a quick and successful sell from the paint guy at ace hardware, i decided to take the plunge.  i'll work on my impulse shopping in 2016...

what i used:
amy howard at home, one step paint in black
basic paint brushes (available at any hardware store)
an old sheet

what i did:

it took us about 3 hours....2 1/2 of that was spent on the scrolly details of the chairs. we did one coat on everything except the top of the table, which i went over again just because.  even with the second coat on the table, we only used about 1/4 of the quart.

it dried perfectly in about thirty minutes...not bad at all! she has an optional top coats that you can use for different finishes, but i just love the matte finish.  it's just what i had in mind all along.  simple and sweet.  i usually end every painting project with a very determined declaration of i'm never painting again, but this time, it wasn't so bad! i'm already plotting what else i can paint!

1 comment:

  1. painting them definitely brought new life!
    also we literally have the exact same table and chairs!
    my mother had it stripped down and refinished years ago - it's time for me to do that again haha.