Wednesday, February 16, 2011

a sweet surprise

5 things i'm absolutely beyond grateful for today:

1. $4.39 kid's pepperoni pizza at schlotzsky's. yummmmmmm!
2. lemon fresh clorox disinfecting wipes. i might have gone a little crazy this morning wiping down everything in sight (three times over...), but everything is cold and flu germ free, and my desk smells lemony-fresh!
3. pandora radio. gooodness. the perfect work list makes smooths the rough spots of your day right out.
4. my new lauren willig book, "the orchid affair"
5. sweet boyfriend surprised me after work with a giant bouquet of roses and gerber daisies. i am the absolute luckiest lady in all of houston. : )  since i couldn't manage to fit the giant vase under my trench, i picked three of the perkiest daisies and smuggled them up the elevator.  i love me some beautiful daisies! :)

What are you grateful for on this beautiful Wednesday??

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