Monday, February 28, 2011

happy birthday mama!

today is a very special day.
it's my mama's birthday!!
meet my mom.
Shelly Lynn Burt Akerly.

 [she's the pretty one on the right]
she's mother of 4: me, grayson, grant, and our puppy Jake,
super organized, very practical, and great at organizing and planning vacations!!

[grant, me, grayson]

she trains dogs, bakes bread, sews quilts, loves Jesus, and makes really yummy pancakes.

mom and kid #5, i mean, my dad.

look at that adorable family she's raised! 
we'd be hoodlums if it wasn't for her.
can you imagine my dad raising us?
[anyone who knows my dad is probably rolling on the floor right now.]

i can't imagine having a better mom.
[sorry, no trades accepted.]

and of course
my mom wouldn't be here if it wasn't for granny! : )

thanks for being a great mom to my mama!

and that is why my [life is lovely]!

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