Thursday, February 24, 2011

be a maker

i'm feeling inspired. 

i watched a TED Lecture this afternoon called "we are makers".  TED is an online forum dedicated to lectures about ideas worth sharing.  my management professors always seemed to find "interesting" TED lectures for us to watch, so watching these videos tend to bring back memories of my 8AM organizational behavior class. it's quite a brilliant website, full of people with great ideas inspiring other people who have great ideas, and thus we are all inspired to become makers.

i want to be a maker! i have so mamy ideas and dreams floating around in my little head.  my lack of ideas is not my problem.  my problem is my lack of follow through.  i've been feeling really convicted lately about my lack of follow through, so when this came up on my google reader, i knew it had to be fate. especially when it got to the part about the singing fish....prepare yourself.

i'm not entirely sure what my version of being a maker is going to be, but when i figure it out i'll let you know. and maybe the (-) 3 people who read this can help keep me accountable on that.

and just because i didn't quite get my singing fish fix from the short clip in the lecture (as i'm sure no sane person would....) i would love to share the full video with you.  i hope it brings you as much joy as it brought me!

p.s. i'm loving my new blog header, and please note the beautiful bruno mars on my playlist.  get ready to get your boogy on.

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