Monday, August 15, 2011

gracefully made

last spring, a sweet young man passed away too soon.  although i didn't know him very well, people i know and love very much, knew and loved him very much.  in his memory, a home for boys is being built in Zambia.  this home will house 12-14 boys, saving them from their terrible circumstances and providing them with food, shelter, and the tangible love of their heavenly father.

its been so neat 
[and so convicting] 
to see the impact this young man has had on his community. 
to know that his memory will be positively impacting the lives of hundreds of young men for years and years to come just makes my heart leap!

for a while now, i've been thinking and praying hard about how i could be a part of this ministry.  i've decided to stick with my most favorite thing on the planet:
paper goods.

there are fews things i love more than snail mail, scrapbooking, and being crafty. 
so i've decided to try and put my passion to good use.
i've started developing a few cards, prints, and frames to put in my shop, with the proceeds benefitting luke's lighthouse.

if all the money gets raised in time, the house can be up and running in time to enroll boys for the next school year.

for more information on this project, please visit


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  1. Everyone has different gifts to use in different ways. I think it's great how you're choosing to use yours.

    Thanks for stopping by the Hearth today.