Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the list

i'm what you would call a list maker.
yup. one of those.
my memory is terrible, so i've found the only way for me to remember all of my daily need-to-dos is to write/type/scribble it down.

bryce attributes it to multi-tasking.
apparently multi-tasking can effect your memory, and as much as i wish this wasn't true, it makes complete sense.
when you're working on 3 different things at one time, your brain can't take everything in.  it can get bits and pieces, probably absorb most of it, but not everything.  i guess a brain can get tired of all of that craziness. but i think my brain has gotten used to it. or maybe adapted is the better word.  

[adapted via list making]

sometimes i wish i was able to focus more.  i'd probably be more productive.  probably be able to get more things crossed off my list.  but that just doesn't seem like the plan.  God just didn't make me that way.

trust me, we've talked about it. 
 and the ironic part of all this is that my journal, 
{where I write my prayers because it's the only way i can focus}
is in list form.  

our God is a funny one isn't he. : )

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