Wednesday, August 24, 2011

just feeding the turtles

note to self....
if it's 106 degrees outside,
and you're miserably hot and sweaty,
the ducks probably are too.

and try not to take it too personally when they start swimming away at lightening speed to avoid the bread crumb projectiles you're tossing at their little bodies.

[not gonna lie, i was a little hurt they weren't more enthusiastic about the whole thing...]

 [action shot, check out that form!]

such a cutie-turtle-feedin-patootie :)

at least we tried. :)

thank you to my baby brother grant for having lots of left over bread from his eagle scout project,
and thank you to the turtles for saving my brusied ego and eating the soggy bread.

so very kind of you both.

embrace the camera with mrs. anderson 


  1. We have about 80 ducks in the pond behind our house ~ they love to eat! If you lived closer, you would be more than welcome to come and feed them :)

  2. Hi there, linked up through Emily's embrace. Love that you and your lil' bro are hanging together in the heat... so fun!