Monday, April 16, 2012

dear monday

dear monday,
there are only 5 more of you before I become mrs. sarah grace chastain. whoa. i cannot even begin to process how excited and overwhelmed i am.  bryce is taking bets on when my next breakdown is going to occur...sweet huh? :)

dear stormy sky,
as the morning goes on, you get darker and darker. i can't handle it.  everything inside of me wants to climb under my desk with my blanket and go back to sleep.

dear USPS,
please don't reject my RSVPS....does one penny really make that much of a difference?? i'll leave a stack of lincolns for you in the mail box.

dear spicy guacamole from HEB,
thank you for being the most wonderful guac i've every consumed in my life. maybe i just have low standards, but goodness, this stuff was splendid, and i might have finished off the entire carton in 3 days...please don't judge.

dear fiance,
you are such a trooper. thanks for braving the houston galleria with me on saturday to help me find all of my shower/wedding event outfits. you are the best. :) yup, that's right, i found everything on my list, and i didn't impulse buy...not one thing! :) bryce is helping me improve my shopping and saving habits, and i think he may be making progress after all!

dear pancakes,
you are such a wonderful gift from above.  thank you for never letting me down, and for always tasting so wonderful, no matter what. pancakes are by far my favorite sunday morning breakfast.

believe it or not, these are hearts.
i worked very hard on them.
they are supposed to represent my love for bryce.
it's times like these that I am very grateful for the phrase
"it's the thought that counts" 

dear work week,
please go by quickly. i'm ready to party like it's 1999, and i'm ready to see my besties. i was talking bryce's ear off about it all weekend. i'm about to explode with excitement. plus, my outfit is super cute.
just get here already! :)


  1. Mmm, Love pancakes! Your hearts are too funny. At first I thought they were steaks, lol. It is the thought that counts!

  2. I would like pancakes. Now. So glad you linked up your little letters!

  3. Oh i love this! :)
    I will definitely have to do this at some point. Also i bought these heart shaped molds that you can MAKE pancakes in...they didn't turn out so well because i forgot to spray them with Pam first, whoops. :)

    Also i just checked the tracking, your mug should be there Friday! :) :)