Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the very last first kiss

i wonder what our first married smooch will be like.
i keep asking bryce if he's going to cry when he first sees me. he says he's not going to cry, but he's going to be smiling a really really big and happy smile.
that's probably for the best considering if he starts crying, i'll be a mess, and no one wants to look like a mess when their standing in front of all their family and friends and having their picture taken.

maybe our smooch will be immortalized for generations.
years from now, young brides-to-be will be pinning our "i dos" on their planning boards.
oooo this has got to be good.

this post on cup of jo is beyond adorbs [clickey-click].

[we're getting closer!]

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  1. Loved this!
    And the post on cup of jo was gorgeous! I love wedding pictures! :)