Monday, September 10, 2012

insanity & the 24 day challenge: Day 0

as i confessed on friday,
i've started the insane insanity challenge.
what was i thinking...
gotta get in shape for sweater & christmas cookie season! :)
plus, the bestie's wedding is just under 4 weeks away, so it's time to kick it into high gear!
[don't worry steph, my dress does fit, no last minute squeezing for me!]

reasons i chose insanity over other workout programs:
1. most honest reason,,,we had it at the apartment. 
bub-hub ordered it over a year ago during his tax internship, but he was so busy he never got around to finishing it.  so the box has basically been staring me down on my entertainment center for months. 
2. the workouts require no equipment, only your body weight, and it is heavy on the cardio, which i love.
3. it's a challenge, and who doesn't like a challenge?

in addition to insanity, i'm doing the advocare 24 day challenge [info here...].
you should definitely check it out and try it with me! :)

my goals for the next few weeks are not necessarily weight loss, but i want to gain energy and tone up.

i'm pretty much setting myself up for disaster extreme success...ahhhhh!
my brother told me that shaun-t will send you a t-shirt if you take a before and after here it goes!

do you have some advice on how to survive and thrive through insanity??
have you tried the 24 day challenge?


  1. you get it!
    #1 i love that sports that weird to say? ha it's really, REALLY cute!
    #2 you already look awesome, so i'm excited to see what kind of toning this will do for you!
    #3 I'm hoping to really stick with a work out regime ...i just need a flippin' partner to do it with lol.

  2. Good luck!! Just drink a lot of water to keep hydrated and to flush out extra water weight and toxins...that's always my trick when getting in shape. Can't wait to see your results. :)

  3. You don't even look like you need Insanity! :)

    Still...I know what you mean about toning up and getting in shape. I don't necessarily need to "lose weight" either but I feel SUPER out of shape! I have P90X...time to get back to it, I think. :-/

  4. Let's be honest, you look great as you are now. But it's such a bold and inspiring step to jump into this! I've started going to classes at the YMCA and I keep thinking I should take a before picture to see if in a month or two my body looks any different. I'm the same as you. I don't really want to lose weight, just tone up and gain energy. I'm excited to follow along and see how this goes!

  5. ooo, we just got 90x...maybe I'll try and do this same challenge. but first, I probably need to get a tv. You'll have to keep updating about how hard it is and if you're getting more energy.

  6. You go lady! Insanity looks tough, bet you get awesome results!

  7. Great job starting this!! My husband and I started P90X about a month ago...and we lasted about a week. We're going to start up again soon though. Best of luck!!

  8. You are a brave woman! You look great as it is, so I'm sure you will look amazing after you finish this! Once I finish my race next month, I'll be looking for something new to try.

  9. that's great you're doing that. you look awesome already, so i'm glad you're not doing it for weight loss.