Saturday, July 13, 2013

training update: week 4

one more week of training in the books!
even though the miles are not exactly a breeze, i can feel myself getting stronger. 
here is what this week looked like:
the training schedule calls for strength training on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. since i'm not exactly good at self-motivation, i've loved attending classes, especially body pump.

body pump is a fantastic strength training class that is offered at my local YMCA. i really love this class because i'm able to get my strength training in without the boredom of circuit training on machines.
also, being surrounded by people who are working hard definitely serves as a great motivator. it's harder to work away when you have a room full of hardworking people holding you accountable.
i would definitely recommend checking out a body pump class. 

how do you stay motivated during a work out?
are you a self-motivator or do you prefer group classes?

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