Friday, April 3, 2015

our little family easter basket

this is my first easter as a mama, so i made an executive decision that EG needed an easter basket.  i'm fully aware that the likelihood of EG remembering her first easter is incredibly slim, so i'm considering this a practice round. next year, i'll know (theoretically) where to go, when to buy, when to craft, all those critical easter basket insider secrets. 

after spending way too much time on the basket aisle, i landed on this one. simple and sweet.  target had a great selection of every style of easter basket imaginable, but i decided to pass on the bright pink bunny face this year. 

bub-hub is a pretty good sport when it comes to my holiday antics, but i knew he would die if i got him a whole basket on his own, so this year, i decided on a family basket! :) 

here is what i, i mean the easter bunny, was able to cram in the basket:

for the bub-hub
gummy bunnies

for the baby girl
bunny ears
a floppy sunhat
stuffed ducky
fluffy bunny tail
pink bubbles
rubber bunny ducky
lady bug bib

for me
starburst jelly beans. which may or may not have been gone within the hour.
and let's just be honest. the bunny ears and fluffy tail are really for me.

what are you hoping to find in your easter basket??

target // bunny ears, sunhat, stuffed duck, basket, gummy bunnies, goldfish
dollar tree // bubbles, rubber bunny ducky
skip hop // lady bug bib

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