Wednesday, April 15, 2015

tassels and elastic waist bands // nursing in style

introducing: the outfit i'm going to be wearing anytime i need to look put together this summer. 

honestly though, this entire outfit is so comfy, i'd wear it even when i'm staying in.
ehhhhh,,,maybe,,,but yoga pants are pretty unbeatable. 

i know i've said it before, but i can't get enough of these elastic waist band shorts. i love being able to look cute while still getting my fro-yo fix. these shorts are from j-crew factory and come in poppy (dark-red-pink-ish) and black as well.  i'm hoping to add those to my collection. :)

i'm also obsessed with this tassel necklace.  sweet brittany is the most stylish mama i know, and I'm just obsessed with her little shop! it's so light weight, i can wear it all day and forget it's there.  it's also a built in entertainment piece.  #winnerwinner who ever thought that would be on my list of jewelry criteria?

oh, and fabulous sandals are a must. these vintage beauties were inherited from my sweet nana.  i'm incredibly thankful to have had a nana with fabulous taste.  that inheritance may or may not have also included a large collection of colorful keds.  #tswifthasnothingonnana

why this works // these shorts provide a flattering tailored fit while still being comfortable.  they also allow for "wiggle-room", which is perfect for mamas who are feeling a little less-than-confident with their new post-baby-bodies.

(un)fortunately, i wore out and stretched out my sandals last summer when i was pregs, so this year, i'm on the hunt for a few new pairs. any suggestions for must haves?

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logs & lace // white and gray tassel necklace 
j-crew factory // chambray button down, sheer pink jacquard shorts 
target // white nursing tank
michael kors // vintage, leather sandals 

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