Wednesday, April 8, 2015

lilac is the new black // nursing in style

you might be catching on, but i have a few faithfuls in my closet: cardigans, camisoles, toothpick jeans and kendras.   #winnerwinner

j-crew factory (yes, the outlet!) toothpick jeans are my go to because i have midget legs, and they are the only jeans i can buy at ankle length without having to hem. #honestandlazy  they look great with a shirt, tunics, or dressed up with heels.  when your budget is stretched and your fun-money-funds are a little scarce, it's important to find key pieces that fit well and make you feel fantastic in all scenarios. 

why this works // button downs are an obvious go to for nursing, but the flat front is super slimming and flows well.  these camisoles are lined, which is fantastic for avoiding extra layers in warm weather.  you could also pair with shorts and sandals or tucked into a maxi!

jcrew factory // camisole, jeans (similar), cardigan
target // shoes (from way too long ago)

what do you think mamas?

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  1. J Crew factory outlet is opening at Shops of Park Lane. Can't wait for it to get cute outfits!