Thursday, March 17, 2011

embrace the camera! march 17, 2011 :)

ok world, watch out.
i'm officially in the march madness game.
i'm hoping i'll start feeling the madness pretty soon:
the hives, the fever, the jitters, all those things that come along with watching more basketball than any normal human could ever possibly need to watch in their entire lifetime.

i haven't seen bryce this excited in a long time,
and it's quite cute.
he's got the bracket-makin down, the research, the predictions, the multiple drafts.

and then there's me.
o ya, my bracket is bound to go down in history.
i picked every single possible underdog there was.
[that "ooooo sarah..." feeling you've got going on right now is the same thing bryce said to me when he saw my picks.]

we're embracing the madness!! 


  1. CUTE PIC!

    We're embracing the madness at our house too! I have 2 brackets and Hubby looked at one of them and said, "wow, aggressive..."
    The goal (which was accomplished last year) is to do better than my college bb watching hubby ~ I only watch about a quarter as much as him.... until this week that is :)

  2. oooo sarah. At least that's way more fun than picking every team that's seeded higher. AND if a huge upset happens you can say, I picked that right (even though 95% other picks are wrong) haha

  3. may the best team win!! Cute pic

  4. So sweet! Love that you all are getting into the madness together! :)

  5. We are embracing the madness too. One of my favorite times of the year.

  6. ha, i'm totally the same way! EXCEPT for KU. i pick them every year cause i'm a jayhawk.

  7. love your name and the cute photo!

  8. Adorable couple! I've got the games on our other computer right now! My team, OU, didn't do so hot this year and aren't even in the tournament. I'm cheering for the big 12 anyway!