Tuesday, March 29, 2011

# of all.....

first of all...
we're 6 days into insanity.
my back hurts.
my abs hurt.
my legs haven't stopped shaking in about 2 days.
shaun t should be institutionalized. 
{and i'm loving it.}
i don't know if this means i've fallen over the edge,
but it's the truth.
54 days to go...

second of all...
this cloudy day is making me anxious for mexico...
get me to the beach pronto por favor-o.

i'm counting down the days until i get to take another photo resembling this one.
if it wasn't for all of the corruption,
and drug cartels, and unsanitary conditions,
i think cozumel would make a pretty great paradise. 

third of all...

today i had a realization.
i am surrounded by some pretty amazing people.
maybe not literally surrounded,
but i've got people...and they are prayer warriors.
there is no better blessing than to know the people you love are interceding on your behalf,
and i am praising my Savior for them today.

"I will praise the LORD all my life; 
I will sing praise to my God as long as I live."

psalm 146:2

have a blessed night ya'll!

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  1. More power to ya on the Insanity. Some day I am going to try P90X, but I'm not sleeping well enough for that just yet. We loved Cozumel too.