Tuesday, March 22, 2011

great vs. GREAT

wanna know why today is a GREAT day?

the sun is shining,
it's the first day of spring,
left over fajitas for lunch,
perfect cup of coffee this morning,
i have that "i worked really really hard yesterday" soreness all over,
i've found a new project to work on [thanks jess!],

it's biggest loser tuesday!,
i've got my "i feel tall and confident" shoes on,
i found out my office is closed on good friday!,
i'm feeling these muffins are gonna make a yummy breakfast this weekend,
my two [eeeek!!! i know...] tickets got dismissed this morning,
the dry cleaning lady [with a really heavy eastern european accent] didn't yell at me when i asked her to repeat what she was trying to say 4 times,
the Michael Scott proposal is coming up on thursday...

you know you're jealous.

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