Monday, March 21, 2011

life made lovely: march 21, 2010

i can't believe the weekend is already over. again! 
it always goes by so quickly.
in order to keep my self free from the end of weekend blues, i'm cranking up the bruno mars 
{yes....i'm kind of addicted
and trying to look forward to the exciting things ahead of me for this week!
[[like my new yoga class tonight! yayyy!]]
fake it till you make it right??

sunday afternoons are perfect for getting your scrap on, and i took full advantage of it.
a couple of birthday cards,
and a just because getting mail is fun cards.
{who doesn't love some old fashioned snail mail?}

i think this last happy birthday card is my favorite of them all.
have i mentioned how much i love my amy butler scrap pad?
it just can't do any wrong.