Sunday, March 27, 2011

splendid sunday: pizza pros

we're 4 days into insanity, 
and we're [sore, achey, in pain, barely surviving] dominating!
shaun t really is a crazy man.
but he knows how to make you sweat. 
[[i've never done so many squats in my life. this better be worth it.]]

when i was at central market today,
{stocking up with healthy, shaun-t approved foods}
i found some pre-made whole wheat pizza crust.
we loaded one half up with turkey sausage and red and yellow peppers, the other half with canadian bacon and pineapple.
pop it in the oven, and 20 minutes later my apartment smelled a-maaaazing,
and my mouth was watering.


we loveeeeee pizza.
but it's not always the best choice when looking for nutritional, good-for-you foods.
think this is a good compromise!

[at least we like to think so!]

i hope you had a splendid sunday!

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