Thursday, March 24, 2011

it was almost fate...

for months now i have been praying for a puppy.
and when i say praying,
i mean pleading,
in the most pathetic form of the word.
{i even have a name picked out.}
i want a cute and cuddly buddy so terribly my heart can barely stand it!
just a buddy.
is that too much to ask for??

last night, when bryce and i were driving to meet my dad for dinner, 
fate almost made me the luckiest lady on the face of the earth.
we were driving down memorial when jesse appeared on the side of the road.

[this is the closest photo i could find.]

she was so cute and super feisty.
she was running along memorial,
owner-less, buddy-less,
she needed a friend, and i needed a buddy.
[perfect match.]

we pulled the car over, got out, and chased her down to prevent her from running into traffic along the busy road. 
when we were able to get her to back into the neighborhood, i suppose she was able to recognize her surroundings because she took off running, towards home.
i was heartbroken.
[even though she had a collar]
i somehow got it in my mind that she was the puppy i had been praying for.
she ran away from home,
and her owners were going to give her up to a loving home, to me!

it's ok. 
God has it figured out.
if he can handle placing the stars in the sky,
and the sun into orbit,
he can find the perfect puppy for me.
i have faith.

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