Sunday, March 20, 2011

super sunday: march 20, 2010

this sunday is quite the wonderful one.
the sun is shining brightly,
my apartment is clean and it smells lemon-ey fresh,
my new stamps came in,
and the bugs are gone!

when i told my mom about my little bug problem,
she knew exactly what to do!
they were grain moths.
gross, flying, pesky little guys were living in my crackers and pasta boxes.
perfect time for me to deep clean my kitchen.
now my pantry is empty, 
but clean!

today is super because i am finally bug free!!

now...on a less buggy note:
look at these adorable shoes:
a sweet lady was wearing them on my flight to dallas this past week and i couldn't help but snap a photo.
they remind me of something my nana would wear.
i hope i'm cool enough to pull those off one day.

what's super about your sunday?

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