Friday, March 25, 2011

mac and peas : )

[[i have a confession.]]

my name is sarah grace, 
and i love mac and cheese.
but not just any mac and cheese...
mac and peas!

when i was in college,
{ya know, back in the day...}
i stole borrowed the combo from my bestest friend and roomie stephadoodle.
she said felt less terrible about eating mac and cheese if she knew she was upping her veggie intake at the same time.

she is one smart cookie.

i'm 22 years old,
and i love mac and cheese.
don't hate.

i'm linking my confession up with katy.

it feels good to get that off my chest.
: )


  1. thanks for linking up! my son prefers peas to anything....even pears and such. GROSS.

  2. Mac & Cheese is my favorite food of all time! Still trying to find the very best recipe!